How to Write an article For Your blog

You already have everything you need to get down to work and start writing your article. And to get the best out of your content and get many readers it is vital that your article is well structured and designed. Do not forget that most of your readers do not read, scan.

First step: write your article

As you can see, I have not broken my head thinking about the first step, but it’s that simple. For your article to help in the SEO of your blog, the most important thing is to write it without taking into account the web positioning, that is, because the quality content is born from a good inspiration and a good development of the idea.

In the following steps you can put little lights, colors and all kinds of adornments to your article, but that will not turn a bad article into good, it will only make a good article even better. Therefore, this first step is the most important step of all. You must take advantage of your inspirational moments to write down the ideas that come to your head, be it on your mobile, on a sheet, a post-it … whatever! The case is not to lose that word or phrase that will be the beginning of your development.

And once you have the idea, go ahead, write your article as you want to tell your visitors, because the enthusiasm and enthusiasm with which you write your articles will be the same that you spread to others. If at that moment you do not feel like writing, DO NOT DO IT, because your readers will notice, believe me.some of the blogger not interested in writing an article they want to publish copy paste or rewrite content on their blogs which do not work anymore due to the new policy of google if you hiring any writer and want to sure where your content is 100% unique or not you can use given tool to make sure your content is unique or not.




How to Write an article For Your blog

Second step: organize

You have given free rein in the form of letters to everything that came to your mind with the same feeling with which you thought, great. Now it’s time to organize the ideas because what you thought you could see so clearly, may not be for the majority. According to the studies carried out by engineer  Jakob Nielsen, a web usability guru, 79% of your readers will simply scan  your article to see what is following what pattern calls  :

As you can see in this pattern F of the visual tour (named for the form in F that is created), most readers do not really read word by word but scan the article focusing on the first paragraphs and the first words to collect the main ideas.

So you already have some instructions to organize your article: you should write in an inverted pyramid structure, that is,  the most important ideas and summarize the content should go in the first paragraph, and the least important as they are written the rest of paragraphs.

Also, keep in mind that the first paragraph is usually used as a summary on the main page of your blog if you use the More tag in the WordPress text editor, so it must be the paragraph that convinces the reader to read it. Everything that goes after this tag does not appear on the initial page of your blog until you enter the article or click on the typical “Continue reading” link.

Third step: simplify

As you have already seen, the reader will scan your article to see if it interests you, and if you see more text than in Don Quixote it will surely not last 1 second to leave your blog … According to our guru Jakob, the average time per visit gives to read 28% of the text at most, and 20% the most likely, so you have to simplify and summarize your content if you want them to read it.

The journalist  Guillermo Franco has in his book How to write for the web  ( here you have the free pdf if you want to delve into the subject) that articles with short paragraphs receive twice as much visual attention as those with long paragraphs. Here you have another indication to write your article: separate your ideas into short paragraphs, no more than 3 or 4 sentences. Why do you think Twitter and microblogs, in general, have been so successful?

Fourth step: decorate

As you saw before, 79% of readers are going to scan your article, so why not make it more “scannable” for them? Here is a list of ideas you can use to get it:

  • Titles and subtitles: As you will see in most of the articles of My Web Positioning I divide the content with titles and subtitles so that the reader can see at a glance what each part is about. There will be people who, for example, do not care about the first part and go directly to the second part, and in this way, they will know where they are without having to read the entire article. I recommend this article from a crack like José Facchin, in which he talks about how to write viral titles for your articles.
  • Images: they are the best resources to attract the reader. An image can explain the content of your article in 1 simple second. That’s why infographics now so famous because they are like articles summarized in images that greatly facilitate their understanding.
  • Lists: that’s right, this is what I’m doing now. Using lists helps break the uniformity of the text, giving the feeling of organization and variety.
  • Keywords: or what is the same, the keywords. They are the words that summarize or identify your content. And the best way to make your keywords “scannable” is to highlight them, whether in bold, capital letters, colors, links, text citations, etc. If you take a look at this article that you are reading you will see that almost in each paragraph I highlight a word or a phrase ; in this way the reader will not have finished reading the paragraph when he sees the bold text of the next paragraph, and if he likes what he sees, he will read the entire paragraph. Thus, the mixture of organizing the text by ideas in short paragraphs and highlighting the ideas in each paragraph makes your article completely scannable :-).
  • Links: besides being a way of highlighting your keywords, the links allow you to boost your article, corroborate your ideas giving you credibility, provide more extensive information, create links with other bloggers, etc. This last point is very important for the web positioning of your blog, and although I will talk more calmly about this in the future, here are 2 reasons:

1. Create internal links of your own blog helps Google know better the structure of your pages and also get the user to read more articles of yours.

2. Create external links to other bloggers that deal with the same topic that yours creates links and helps your content have more possibilities to be shared. Quality competition is your best ally, and as Carlos Bravo says: Google likes you to put good outbound links on your blog! The Wikipedia for example usually comes out as the first result in Google when you are looking for a word, why do you think I put so many links to it to explain concepts? ?

Step five: Review

Now check, review and when you have finished, go back to review your article. This step is almost as important as the first. You will always find some misspelling, a misspelled word, an incoherent phrase or you have missed something to highlight.

Not only is your reader unable to understand you well, but your own credibility is at stake : although what you write is very interesting,  if you do not write well they will not take you seriously .

What would you think of the author of an article that speaks for example of film reviews and you see that he writes badly Star Wars and puts Start Wars? Exactly, that your critic will have the same value as your article … none. I do not know about you, but when I read an article and I find serious spelling mistakes, I do not even bother to keep reading. And the same thing happens with the comments, those that are badly written, I pass them by and go to the next one. The image that your article gives will be what your readers will have of you, do not forget it.


The important thing of your article is always its content and what you want to express with it. You can use the best SEO techniques and web positioning, the best tricks or pay a fortune to advertise on the Internet, but what will really make you read is the quality of what you write.

Take a look at these 6 elements to create a powerful post, because it can give you many ideas about what you can improve or what you should focus on.

How To Find a Partner

Do you want to find a partner? Are you looking for love? Do not know where to start looking? We can help you! Nowadays, thanks to the large number of people browsing the internet, it is becoming easier to find a partner online. Below is a list of the best pages to find a partner. You can register in all of them for free and chat with thousands of people related to your profile. Finding a partner has never been so simple!

Above all, keep in mind one thing: Sincerity above all. If you fill your profile sincerely, you can find the most suitable partner for you. Think that there are millions of registered users in these pages. Do not you think there will be thousands or hundreds of thousands with interests similar to yours? Do not hesitate, register in the portals that you like and … start looking for love! You can find a partner today!

Pages to find a partner:


Be2 is a professional partner search service, based on scientific facts, that helps create lasting relationships. Thanks to his personality test, millions of singles find their ideal partner. After doing the test they present you to those people who really are compatible with you and you can immediately start contacting them. So, instead of being the one who has to search and search among all the contacts, be2 selects the ones most related to you. Save yourself work and start enjoying love today.

How To Find a Partner

Singles 50

This portal interests you if you want to find a partner and you are over 50 years old, since it is focused on mature people, with which you will be looking for a partner between people of your same age and interests. Very similar to Be2 in the scientific way of making the pairings. We recommend it 100%. You can register for free by clicking here.


eDarling logo A new service that bases its selection criteria on scientific methods. When you register for free in eDarling, you must fill out a very complete personality test that you will use to choose your compatible pairs. The test is very well designed, and it is mandatory. Therefore, you can be sure that the rest of the users have completed the test completely. This prevents fictitious profiles of people who just want to take a look. If you are a user of eDarling, rest assured that you are interested in finding a partner. Registration allows you to contact some people for free. Do not hesitate and sign up today!


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Friends with benefits

logo of the dating portal Amigos con DerechosAmigos con derechos is a social network that helps women, men or couples in our country get together in a place to get in touch for casual dates, but it is also possible to use the portal to find a partner Register for free by clicking here.

What Is The Authority Of a Web?

The Podcast where we talk about everything related to Marketing 3.0, but focusing on web positioning in search engines and other platforms such as YouTube, Amazon and also the positioning of Aso which is the positioning of mobile applications known as App in its different platforms such as App store and the Play store. In Definitive everything related to Web positioning.

Today I am going to talk about the authority of a web page, it is a term that I have repeated a lot in the last programs and I want to explain to you in great detail what it is.Formerly the authority of a Web was known as PageRank and it was a public value that Google showed.For a few years, Google says that it does not update this data or if it does not show it publicly.With which we have to look for other similar metrics to get an idea of how Google interprets a web page.

What Is The Authority Of a Web

With which we have no choice but to use other

The best known is Moz that you can see through an extension of the Chrome or Firefox browser and it is free or through its website opensitexplore that I will leave you link in the notes of the program Moz is a complete tool that has been analyzing websites with their own spiders for years. Today is a giant of SEO.But today we are going to focus on the Authority of the page known as the (PA) and the authority of the domain known as (DA) which is the authority.want to check without any extension visit this site.

  • An example of DA domain authority
  • It is a well-known directory

The directory of yellow pages. The set of all these urls and the authority of all of them make up the metric domain authority known as (DA)But luckily not only counts the Domain authority because otherwise they would always be in the top of google the same pages

The PA or page authority:

It is the authority that has a single url or page, which is determined according to the incoming links that it receives and from where it receives them.

The DA or Domain authority:

  • It is the authority that has the whole url set of our web page.
  • Also incorporate spam score a Moz metric. Metric of which I spoke to you yesterday.


A page of a doctor who is well known for multiple investigations and other success stories but whose website is a bit left out, is not up to date, but only publishes his research and the services he offers as a doctor. Its website is small, but of great relevance since it links newspapers, universities and even the Ministry of Health makes a mention for its contribution to research and the benefit of people.

If someone looks for this doctor, Google will show first. The Yellow Pages Directory because he is included there or a directory specialized in doctors?No, google will show the best result, in this case your website because having such relevant links you will see that your website is more important to the rest of the directories.

Hence, page authority (PA) relevance. A very common case is to find a page that is very specialized in a very specific telematics. And it is positioned above another authority.But all this metric that gives us the DA and PA is one more value and is indicative, but so we can make an idea of the authority of the website.Since it is often the case that a website is positioned with little authority over websites with much authority.

Other metrics that I use to determine relevance are the Majestic

The Citation Flow and the Trust Flow that I spoke to you in yesterdays.Quickly, one looks at the links that point to your website and the other, the quality of the traffic it brings to your website.But more than looking at the numerical value, the important thing is to compare the two values and measure the difference between the two, the more similar is much better.

  • These two are the ones that I use to determine the authority, but there is more, for example Alexa that gives you a ranking of where it is positioned.
  • The most visited websites in Spain are,, Facebook, Youtube and Amazon in top 5
  • This tool is very interesting to validate business ideas.
  • There is also the tool of Ahref with its value url rating and domain rating, I personally do not use it to determine the authority of a Web but I use it to see the profile of links.

Ahrefs is the tool that detects the most links. But I’m not interested in the quantity but the quality of the links. And the three previous tools, I can assure you that if you have a super link from a site with a lot of authority it will detect it, which is definitely what interests me.

A very typical request that I receive is: “I want you to position my web”

Google does not take, for example, the World, which is the newspaper with the most visits of this country according to Alexa, and positions all its urls in first position.

What it does is generate a ranking of results according to the keywords.

Google does not position websites in its entirety. What it does is position Url by Keywords. The URLs are the different pages that make up our website.

  • With which we can not position the same keyword (or sets of words) on all pages.
  • One of the important things when choosing keywords is knowing how to distribute them well on the web.
  • Today I will explain how to know which page positions google first of your web.

It is logical if someone puts in google “buy cheap house in sant celoni” and in your web you are trying to position that keyword for 5 pages of yours. Which of these pages do you consider most relevant to show? Surely it does not show any results of yours and show the results of other web pages.

  • I will explain how to know which url of your site first positions google for a certain keyword.
  • It is done with advanced commands in the google search engine, it is also called Footprint or footprints, which is the Spanish translation
  • I’m about to make a program about footprints.

Going back to the advanced commands.

We go to google and we put site: + “the kw that you want to position” important it is not necessary to put the www or HTTP: // Google will return a list of pages of your website, because the first should be the page you want to position.If the first page that comes out of the list is not the one that you want to position by this keyword, we are doing something wrong, it can be the architecture of the web or also by the seo off page or the combination of both.

Download in IDM (Internet Download Manager) for Firefox

Download in IDM is a WebExtension that enables you to open and download a desired item like a movie, mp3, mp4 .. with an IDM (Internet Download Manager) application. In order to operate with this addon you need a native-client patch to connect your browser with native IDM application in your OS. Please read the following to get more info on how to install native-client and operate with this addon.

Download in IDM WebExtension
This addon is WebExtension and support for new Firefox Quantum 57.

Note: after installing the extension, you need to connect it with native applications (i.e. IDM) on your machine. If you do not have IDM, please head to ( and install IDM on your machine. Once you have IDM, you need to make the connection between IDM and your browser. In order to make this connection, a separate patch is provided in GitHub. Please download and install this patch from:

Follow the instructions in the above GitHub page to download and install the related patch to your system. After installing, the “Download in IDM” addon, your browser can communicate with IDM on your machine (i.e. Window OS). If you want to install IDM to Opera, see this guide.

Note: before using the addon, please open the option’s page and make sure the path to IDM is correct based on your Operating System. For example, the path to IDM in Window 10 is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\IDMan.
Next, please follow the below steps to open and download desired links in IDM.

1 –  right click on a download link and then click on the Download With IDM (from the context-menu).
2 – IDM has several input arguments to enhance downloading desired files. The default argument for downloading is: /d. To get more info about other arguments please open the addon options page and read section arguments. Please note that, you need to add parameters comma separated, for example to automatically download a file write: “/d,/n” in the designated area.
3 – you can set the IDM path in your machine from the options page.

Update WhatsApp: download the latest version for free

It is important that we always have the latest installed version of any program and application, and for that we will update WhatsApp to enjoy the advantages of using the most updated version of WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp

The advantages of updating WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an almost essential tool in our mobile devices, since it allows us to communicate with people who are located anywhere in the world, at any time and, above all, completely free of charge.

In addition to the exchange of messages in real time, WhatsApp allows us to make free calls to any phone that has the application installed, which not only means a significant savings, but also allows us to be as long as we want to contact our friends, relatives, clients, co-workers, etc. without worrying about the bill at the end of the month.

However, it is essential that we try to always have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, since updating WhatsApp will not only be useful for us to enjoy the new improvements that have been introduced, but also we will also have corrected errors that could exist in The previous version, while of course is also an excellent way to ensure maximum security, so that all our readers are encouraged to make sure to update WhatsApp every time they have a new version available.

How to update WhatsApp for free

Renew WhatsApp for free (read: our article on how to renew WhatsApp for free) and update the latest version is a process that we can carry out completely legally and for free, so do not listen to all those who are proclaiming that the next update will be payment or similar, since they only try to create alarm, and is that you can be totally convinced that the update for WhatsApp is completely free.

In this regard we strongly advise you not to go to those who request a payment for the update, as there are some scammers who try to deceive people by telling them that if they do not update WhatsApp they will stop working, or they will lose contacts, messages or any another thing, since it is a resounding deception that they use to extract money from those people who innocently fall into their trap. We repeat that WhatsApp is totally free, and you do not have to pay for the updates or you will have to pay in advance.

Update WhatsApp for Android

Once we know that updating WhatsApp is free, what we have to do is get to work, and for that, the best we can do is access directly to the official sites where we will have the guarantee that we are doing a free download of viruses and without weird things in between.

Therefore, in the case of Android is our operating system, the only thing we have to do is access Google Play Store where we will find the latest update of WhatsApp for free, and in case it does not appear, it will obviously mean that the latest version has already been installed.

Update WhatsApp for iPhone

Similarly, to update WhatsApp for iPhone we must go to the official website and check that we have the latest version. Otherwise we will perform the update process with a simple click, and if we are not offered the new WhatsApp update, it will also mean that it has been previously installed and is fully operational.

Control Android from PC

It is increasingly necessary to control Android from the PC, and is that our computer has some very important advantages as a clearer display thanks to the large format of the monitor, and of course a much simpler control system and ensures greater accuracy thanks to the keyboard and the mouse. For that reason we will let you know a couple of applications that we consider more useful to do without having to get too hot, as they are free and do not require us to root on our device.

TeamViewer QuickSupport to control Android from PC

Control Android from your PC with TeamViewer QuickSupport

We started with TeamViewer QuickSupport, which as we said we can use completely free and we will not have to root our device to work properly.

Its operation is based on the installation of the application in our terminal and of a simple program in our computer, so that they will communicate with each other in order to use them in a very intuitive way. Once we have carried out the two installations, all we have to do is activate the authorization, which is carried out by copying an ID number that will be provided to us through the telephone and that we will have to enter in the program installed in the computer.

It also has a very interesting advantage which is the fact that it works without problems just by being connected to the Internet, even if it is different networks. That is, we can have our computer connected to the modem by Wi-Fi or cable, while we activate the data in the phone.

We will have the possibility to access a lot of information and make changes from our computer, including from a simple chat to consult information on the device, make file transfers, control the device remotely, stop processes, carry out the uninstallation of applications, modify Wi-Fi settings, perform system diagnostics, take screenshots in real time, and so on and visit this site.

In summary, it is a very simple application to use and also offers us a very stable and practical operation.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for PC

Control Android from the PC with Vysor

Vysor: Android for PC

And this is the second alternative that we also consider very interesting, fulfilling of course with the premises that it is completely free and we do not need to root in our device, so it is a tool that we installed and started using from the first moment .

In this case, we will not only be able to perform the actions that we mentioned in the previous program, but would be more focused on sharing the screen with other users, a very useful tool to improve the functionality of team work and even remote assistance.

Of course, to work properly is necessary to install the browser Google Chrome, since it is a tool that works from it.