Update WhatsApp: download the latest version for free

It is important that we always have the latest installed version of any program and application, and for that we will update WhatsApp to enjoy the advantages of using the most updated version of WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp

The advantages of updating WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an almost essential tool in our mobile devices, since it allows us to communicate with people who are located anywhere in the world, at any time and, above all, completely free of charge.

In addition to the exchange of messages in real time, WhatsApp allows us to make free calls to any phone that has the application installed, which not only means a significant savings, but also allows us to be as long as we want to contact our friends, relatives, clients, co-workers, etc. without worrying about the bill at the end of the month.

However, it is essential that we try to always have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, since updating WhatsApp will not only be useful for us to enjoy the new improvements that have been introduced, but also we will also have corrected errors that could exist in The previous version, while of course is also an excellent way to ensure maximum security, so that all our readers are encouraged to make sure to update WhatsApp every time they have a new version available.

How to update WhatsApp for free

Renew WhatsApp for free (read: our article on how to renew WhatsApp for free) and update the latest version is a process that we can carry out completely legally and for free, so do not listen to all those who are proclaiming that the next update will be payment or similar, since they only try to create alarm, and is that you can be totally convinced that the update for WhatsApp is completely free.

In this regard we strongly advise you not to go to those who request a payment for the update, as there are some scammers who try to deceive people by telling them that if they do not update WhatsApp they will stop working, or they will lose contacts, messages or any another thing, since it is a resounding deception that they use to extract money from those people who innocently fall into their trap. We repeat that WhatsApp is totally free, and you do not have to pay for the updates or you will have to pay in advance.

Update WhatsApp for Android

Once we know that updating WhatsApp is free, what we have to do is get to work, and for that, the best we can do is access directly to the official sites where we will have the guarantee that we are doing a free download of viruses and without weird things in between.

Therefore, in the case of Android is our operating system, the only thing we have to do is access Google Play Store where we will find the latest update of WhatsApp for free, and in case it does not appear, it will obviously mean that the latest version has already been installed.

Update WhatsApp for iPhone

Similarly, to update WhatsApp for iPhone we must go to the official website and check that we have the latest version. Otherwise we will perform the update process with a simple click, and if we are not offered the new WhatsApp update, it will also mean that it has been previously installed and is fully operational.

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