What Is The Authority Of a Web?

The Podcast where we talk about everything related to Marketing 3.0, but focusing on web positioning in search engines and other platforms such as YouTube, Amazon and also the positioning of Aso which is the positioning of mobile applications known as App in its different platforms such as App store and the Play store. In Definitive everything related to Web positioning.

Today I am going to talk about the authority of a web page, it is a term that I have repeated a lot in the last programs and I want to explain to you in great detail what it is.Formerly the authority of a Web was known as PageRank and it was a public value that Google showed.For a few years, Google says that it does not update this data or if it does not show it publicly.With which we have to look for other similar metrics to get an idea of how Google interprets a web page.

What Is The Authority Of a Web

With which we have no choice but to use other

The best known is Moz that you can see through an extension of the Chrome or Firefox browser and it is free or through its website opensitexplore that I will leave you link in the notes of the program Moz is a complete tool that has been analyzing websites with their own spiders for years. Today is a giant of SEO.But today we are going to focus on the Authority of the page known as the (PA) and the authority of the domain known as (DA) which is the authority.want to check without any extension visit this site.

  • An example of DA domain authority
  • It is a well-known directory

The directory of yellow pages. The set of all these urls and the authority of all of them make up the metric domain authority known as (DA)But luckily not only counts the Domain authority because otherwise they would always be in the top of google the same pages

The PA or page authority:

It is the authority that has a single url or page, which is determined according to the incoming links that it receives and from where it receives them.

The DA or Domain authority:

  • It is the authority that has the whole url set of our web page.
  • Also incorporate spam score a Moz metric. Metric of which I spoke to you yesterday.


A page of a doctor who is well known for multiple investigations and other success stories but whose website is a bit left out, is not up to date, but only publishes his research and the services he offers as a doctor. Its website is small, but of great relevance since it links newspapers, universities and even the Ministry of Health makes a mention for its contribution to research and the benefit of people.

If someone looks for this doctor, Google will show first. The Yellow Pages Directory because he is included there or a directory specialized in doctors?No, google will show the best result, in this case your website because having such relevant links you will see that your website is more important to the rest of the directories.

Hence, page authority (PA) relevance. A very common case is to find a page that is very specialized in a very specific telematics. And it is positioned above another authority.But all this metric that gives us the DA and PA is one more value and is indicative, but so we can make an idea of the authority of the website.Since it is often the case that a website is positioned with little authority over websites with much authority.

Other metrics that I use to determine relevance are the Majestic

The Citation Flow and the Trust Flow that I spoke to you in yesterdays.Quickly, one looks at the links that point to your website and the other, the quality of the traffic it brings to your website.But more than looking at the numerical value, the important thing is to compare the two values and measure the difference between the two, the more similar is much better.

  • These two are the ones that I use to determine the authority, but there is more, for example Alexa that gives you a ranking of where it is positioned.
  • The most visited websites in Spain are Google.es, google.com, Facebook, Youtube and Amazon in top 5
  • This tool is very interesting to validate business ideas.
  • There is also the tool of Ahref with its value url rating and domain rating, I personally do not use it to determine the authority of a Web but I use it to see the profile of links.

Ahrefs is the tool that detects the most links. But I’m not interested in the quantity but the quality of the links. And the three previous tools, I can assure you that if you have a super link from a site with a lot of authority it will detect it, which is definitely what interests me.

A very typical request that I receive is: “I want you to position my web”

Google does not take, for example, the World, which is the newspaper with the most visits of this country according to Alexa, and positions all its urls in first position.

What it does is generate a ranking of results according to the keywords.

Google does not position websites in its entirety. What it does is position Url by Keywords. The URLs are the different pages that make up our website.

  • With which we can not position the same keyword (or sets of words) on all pages.
  • One of the important things when choosing keywords is knowing how to distribute them well on the web.
  • Today I will explain how to know which page positions google first of your web.

It is logical if someone puts in google “buy cheap house in sant celoni” and in your web you are trying to position that keyword for 5 pages of yours. Which of these pages do you consider most relevant to show? Surely it does not show any results of yours and show the results of other web pages.

  • I will explain how to know which url of your site first positions google for a certain keyword.
  • It is done with advanced commands in the google search engine, it is also called Footprint or footprints, which is the Spanish translation
  • I’m about to make a program about footprints.

Going back to the advanced commands.

We go to google and we put site: seotoolnetwork.com + “the kw that you want to position” important it is not necessary to put the www or HTTP: // Google will return a list of pages of your website, because the first should be the page you want to position.If the first page that comes out of the list is not the one that you want to position by this keyword, we are doing something wrong, it can be the architecture of the web or also by the seo off page or the combination of both.

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